is a German screenwriter, director and transmedia producer

with a crush on serial and digital storytelling.


Janna loves storytelling and worldbuilding

with a high level of immersion and soul power. 

She is a nerd when it comes to awareness to details

and character coherence.


Janna studied film, literature and art history.

It's her biggest fun to spice up her scripts with cultural references.


She once was the deputy c.e.o. of two film production companies in Berlin,

the Ulmen Televison GmbH & Ulmen Film GmbH,

where she learned a lot about dark humor

from a funny man called Christian Ulmen.


2009 she co-wrote the German cross media-show Ulmen.TV,

which was broadcasted by Comedy Central. 


In 2010 she created and produced her first tv-series

The Snobs for the tv channel ZDFneo.


In 2012 her directing debut followed.

The German-French transmedia series About:Kate (ARTE)

won awards in Germany and Switzerland.


Recently she wrote for award winning series like the comedy Jerks (Maxdome/ProSieben),  the teen drama Druck (ZDFneo/funk) and the historical drama The Empress (Netflix). directed Die Innenministerkonferenz (ZDF) presented by ZDF Magazin Royale based on an idea by Jan Böhmermann & Carla Kaspari as well as Browser Ballet: Tits of Terror by Henriette Buss for ZDFneo.


Janna lives and creates in Berlin.